Autopia / Speedway Diorama Project
Faller Go-Kart Kit 141000, Racing Tower 141070, Go-Karts 141010

Aim of Project:
To modify a Faller Go-Kart Circuit Model (#141000) so that it functions in a similar way to Disneyland's Autopia and Walt Disney World's Tomorrowland Speedway rides. Cars will complete one lap of the track and then return to the loading / unloading bay.
The model will be designed to handle 3 Go-Karts on each track and will be controlled automatically by using a programmable Picaxe chip.

The first task was to drill some extra holes through the original plastic Go-Kart board in order to create isolated sections in the track.
These areas will be used to temporarily hold Go-Karts until the space infront of them becomes vacant.

The self-adhesive metal contact strip was then applied to the board. I actually ran out of contact strip (I think I made the 'tails' on the reverse side of the board too long),
but fortunately I had some contact strip left over from the Paris-Dakar model so I was able to complete the job.

The contact strip 'tails' were then connected to pieces of terminal block.
Reed switches were added which will be used to detect the Go-Karts as they pass over.

A test run was then made in order to ensure that the Karts would pass from one section of track to the next.

During the test, I noticed that although the Go-Karts had no problem passing from one isolated section to the next,
they did have difficulty negotiating the tight corners and the crossover sections.
I will deal with the corners later, but first I decided to try and improve the crossovers by adding more contact points.

The photo above shows the crossovers before modification and the photo below shows after modification.

There are 648 'tyres' that have to be glued into 216 short stacks.
The manual instructs you to (quite logically) place these tyres around the outside edges of sharp corners.
However, during the test runs I found that the rear wheels of those Go-Karts on the inside track of tight corners wouldn't follow the line of the track
and instead tried to take the shortest route. This caused the contacts on the Go-Karts to veer off the metal braid.
I decided to glue some of these tyre stacks around the inside edge of certain corners to try and force the Go-Karts to stay on the track.
I positioned the tyres so that they slightly overhang the printed grass area.

Two of the Go-Karts also had a similar problem going around the outside edge of sharp corners.
In this case I had to add a guide between the two tracks.

Subsequent tests showed that the Go-Karts were now able to negotiate round the corners.

The racing circuit and tower have now been glued to a baseboard.

The Bridge is a modified Faller kit #120178 (which I've shortened and added a dual walkway).

Flow Diagram of the circuit that will control the model.
(Click on image for larger version - you may need to magnify it to get the full resolution).

Control Board.


Superfluous to requirements - the Control Box and Hand Controllers supplied with kit #141000.

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