Faller Break Dance No.1 140461 - Construction Log

I decided to add standard Faller lighting to the model, which would be controlled by a Velleman MK111 Timer Kit.

This was the first time I'd tried building a kit like this - it was much easier than expected.
And it worked first time - much to my surprise.

The circuit board was then hot-glued to the underside of the Break Dance No.1 model.

The MK111 Timer Kit has a Pulse phase (between 0.5 and 5secs) and a Pause phase (between 2.5 and 60secs).
I arranged the lights into two groups, connecting one set to the Pulse output and the other to the Pause output.
I then adjusted the Pulse & Pause so that they were set to about 2.5secs each.
The result is a simple alternating on/off sequence for each group of lights.


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