Faller Children's Merry-Go-Round #140316

The horses need painting for best effect.

Perhaps it was just a mistake in the catalog, but when originally announced, it was implied that this model could be driven with either an AC or DC power supply. However, the released model uses Faller's standard 16vAC motor.

It is suggested that three SMD LEDs (part #180647 - not supplied) are attached to the underside of the red plastic piece attached to the top of the motor - I have glued three standard LEDs to this piece instead (not shown).

After I had installed the Children's Carousel on a diorama, I discovered that the Carousel wobbled quite badly as it rotated. I couldn't work out exactly where the wobble was coming from, but I suspected the motor. I decided to replace the original Faller motor with a Mclennan Geared DC Motor #399-9932. The process was a bit tricky (the replacement motor was longer and had a smaller diameter), but eventually I managed it. I couldn't find anything wrong with the original motor, but at least the wobble had now gone.


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