Faller Free-Fall Tower 140326 Construction Log

First task was to construct the legs for the base and to add the platform that will hold the tower and the drive assembly.

The completed legs and drive assembly parts.

Legs and drive assembly attached to base.

Car construction part 1 - frame, pulleys and magnet (to activate reed switches).

Car construction part 2 - guide wheels, seats, seat restraints and 2 weights.

32 happy riders.

Tower construction part 1 - frame, reed switches & overhead pulleys.

Tower construction part 2.
The image above shows the 2 halves of the partially completed tower (lower section on the left, upper section on the right). The reed switches are positioned at the two ends of the tower. These switches (activated by the magnet on the Car) will be used by the Control Box to dictate the upper and lower limits of travel of the Car.

The completed Tower assembly has been mounted to the base.
The wires for the reed switches are threaded through a hole in the base.
At this point the 'cable' was added to the model (see the Alternative Threading Guide page I originally created for the Power Tower model for more details).

I've added a >>Start<< button to the Control Box.
This is a Push On, Push Off Locking Switch which allows the model to run continuously.
Inside the Control Box, I've soldered a wire that connects the Start terminal to one of the GND terminals via the Switch.

Now, the first Test Run was performed, and it worked perfectly without any adjustments to the positioning of the reed switches being necessary.

... adding the barriers ...
I've drilled a hole through what eventually will be the back wall of the Ticket Office - this so that I can glue the Ticket Office down and light it by feeding lights in from behind rather than through the floor of the Ticket Office.

The Ticket Office and Control Booth have been added.
In the foreground are the pieces necessary for constructing the Lighting Towers.

Construction of the background board.

Completed base with Lighting Towers and Background in place.


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