Replacement Control Board for Faller Power Tower & Free-Fall Tower

Aim of Project:
To produce a replacement Control Board for Faller's Power Tower (#140325) and Free-Fall Tower (#140326) with four different ride modes selected via a DIP switch. As well as standard electronic components, the Control Board will contain a programmable Picaxe 18X chip (this will be loaded with the necessary self-written code to control the Towers) and an L293D motor driver IC.

Flow Diagram.
(Click on image for larger version - you may need to magnify it to get the full resolution).

Stripboard Layout (approx. size: 75mm x 65mm)

The Control Board needs a 9vDC power supply.
Note the blue 4-way DIP switch - switches 1 & 2 will be used to set the required ride mode (see the table below) - switches 3 & 4 are disabled.
There's enough room to hot-glue the Control Board to the underside of the Tower's platform,
but at this stage I'm not going to do this - I have other plans for my Power Towers in the coming months!

One of the ride modes requires the Car to be positioned in the middle of the Tower at the start.
In order to locate the middle of the Tower, I've added an extra reed switch which will be activated by the magnet on the Car.

Four Modes of Operation

There's a choice of four different types of ride, each one can be selected by adjusting Switches 1 & 2 on the Blue DIP Switch according to the following table:

DIP Switch 1 OFF 1 ON
2 OFF Tower of Terror Mode #2 Launch Mode
2 ON Drop Mode Tower of Terror Mode #1

Drop Mode The Car rises slowly to the top of the Tower, pauses for 5 seconds and then drops at high speed towards the loading platform. Shortly before reaching the loading platform, the Car slows down sharply before slowly descending the final few cms.
Launch Mode The Car slowly rises a few mm before suddenly ascending towards the top of the tower at high speed. At the top of the tower, the Car slows down as if acting under gravity before descending. The descent consists of a number of simulated braking bounces before slowly descending the final few cms. Inspired by Dr. Doom's Fearfall at Islands of Adventure.
Tower of Terror Mode #1 Inspired by Walt Disney World's Tower of Terror, in this mode the Car rises to the middle of the tower, pauses momentarily and then performs a number of random high speed ascents/descents, before finally returning to the loading platform.
The tower has 7 imaginary levels with Level 7 at the top, Level 4 in the middle and Level 1 near the base. The Car can randomly ascend/descend to any of these Levels. Each ride sequence includes at least one trip to Level 7 where there is a brief pause (to have your photo taken).
Also included is one "shake" sequence where the Car will momentarily vibrate up and down before moving to the next randomly chosen Level.
Tower of Terror Mode #2 Essentially the same as Tower of Terror Mode #1 except that the Car starts at the top of the tower instead of in the middle.

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