Power Tower Diorama

Phase 1 - Transfer of Power Towers to Diorama baseboard

The first task was to separate each Tower from its Loading Platform. The easiest way to do this was to saw through the platform, taking care not to disturb the drive mechanism.

The base of the diorama is made from 6mm MDF. I had to saw two octagonal holes through the MDF so that the Towers could be mounted from below.

The Towers were carefully pushed through the holes and glued to the MDF. For extra security, the drive mechanism was also screwed to the board.

I then used a lightweight filler to fill in the remaining hole.

Phase 2 - Automation of Polyp #441

I've removed the backboard from the Polyp model and replaced it with barriers salvaged from one of the Power Towers.

Magnets have been added to the underside of every other ride car.
These will trigger a reed switch mounted underneath the base.


Phase 3 - Decoration

Grass and Gravel mat has been applied to the base.
The Towers will be surrounded by pieces from Faller's Old Town range.

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