Faller Test Your Strength Circuits

Faller's Test Your Strength Sideshow model (supplied as part of Kit #140340) comes with the option of using a 12-16v AC/DC Faller miniature light bulb (#180671).
Ideally, the light should flash without having to control it manually. I found the basis for these circuits on the web.
These circuits use the 555 Timer chip and other standard components, so no programming is needed.
This type of circuit has a longer "on" period than "off" period. In order to reverse this I used a PNP Transistor (eg. BC327), rather than the more commonly used NPN Transistor.
I show two different sorts of cicuits below - AC & DC. The AC circuit can also be used with a DC power supply, the only downside to doing this I've found is that you lose voltage due to the components in the earlier part of the circuit and end up with a dimmer light.

Substituting different Resistor values for R1T5 & R2T5 gives the following On/Off timings:

R1T5 R2T5 Off On
22K 100K 8.5s 1.5s
10K100K8s 0.7s

12 - 16v AC Circuit

12 - 16v DC Circuit

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