Faller Wild Mouse - 20th Anniversary Edition 140425 Construction Log

The majority of the framework is now complete.
The next task is to apply the track.

The track is glued to short supports that are attached to the vertical frame pieces.
Just like the original Wild Mouse model, I found that one of these supports was in the wrong place, and would be very close to one of the rails.
On the other model, I found that the guide wheels underneath the cars would occasionally hit this support, thereby slowing the car down.
Anticipating the same problem, I removed the offending support and glued a new one in a position less likely to cause problems.

Note the yellow bars attached to the underside of the zigzag section of track - they are designed to prevent the track from flexing.
Unnecessary flexing in the track affects the momentum of the cars.

At this point I tried a test run.
With this model, the cars come partially built (unlike the original Wild Mouse where the cars must be built from scratch).
In turn, each car was placed at the very top of the track and allowed to start moving under gravity only (they were not push-started).
Each car managed to successfully make it down to the end of the track. Hurrah!

The loading & unloading platforms and control booth.

Adding the perimeter fencing.

Added the platform canopy, EL lighting strips and barriers.


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