Faller Wild Mouse 140432 - Construction Log March 2007

Box Contents

I noticed that one of the track rails rested directly on a support. The supports should be positioned midway between the two rails. So I cut this support off and repositioned it centrally.

A magnet is attached to the underside of each car. This connects with the chain to raise the cars to the top of the model where a bar forces the chain and magnet apart and releases the car.

The instructions state that the plastic pieces that hold the large rollers in place should not be glued. However, I found that these pieces fell out very easily. So once I was satisfied that the rollers were correctly positioned I covered the head and surrounding area of these pieces with superglue in an attempt to hold them in place - it appears to have worked.

Occasionally, the cars would fly off the track at first bend (top right, above). To prevent this, I raised the track slightly by adding additional support underneath.

During testing, I kept hearing a clunking sound when 2 of the cars passed a particular part of the track. Eventually I realised that the cars were hitting one of the vertical supports as they were negotiating a sharp bend. Removing a sliver of plastic from the support solved the problem.


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