Haunted Mansion Diorama - Construction Log

I recently found this excellent website called Haunted Dimensions - A 3D Tribute to Disney's Haunted Mansions.
The site has a range of Paper Model plans of Disney's Haunted Mansions that can be downloaded.
As I am more familiar with the one from Walt Disney World, I decided to try that one first, and build a diorama around it.
The plans are for a model with a scale of 1/66. In order to end up with an HO scale model, I printed the plans using a Colour Laser Printer at 76% of their original size.
The paper I printed on was "HP Superior Laser Paper 160 matt".

There are 23 sheets to print off + instructions. The model took about 14 days to build, spending at least 2 hours per night.
Certain elements of the model required several attempts to get right - or as right as I was ever going to get them.

Here's the finished model, and for my first attempt at something like this, I'm reasonably pleased with it.
This model was far more complex and challenging to build than any plastic kit I've built so far.
Dimensions are approximately 25cm x 24cm x 19cm.

The rear wall's a little bit wonky, but fortunately this side of the model will be at the back of the diorama, so won't be seen.

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