IHC Kiddie Boat Ride #5127 - Construction Log

These are the parts that are supplied to drive the model. The intention is that an IHC motor is used to drive one of the large gears via a series of pulleys & rubber bands. This gear will turn the canopy in one direction. This gear is also connected via a spur gear to the other large gear which will drive the boats in the opposite direction. Unfortunately I didn't have any spare IHC motors (which aren't very good anyway) so I had to come up with an alternative solution. What I ended up with is a bit cumbersome, but works.

Gaugemaster Gravel Mat
Busch Stone Wall 6014
Faller Hedge 181489
Faller Benches 180441/180443

The flowers are made by taking small pieces of Lichen, dipping them in white glue and then dipping them in Scenic Express' Spring Flower Assortment.


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