IHC Carousel #5111 - Construction Log

Note the undulations laid out in three concentric circles - these will make the horses go up and down.

The blue turntable was extremely warped - I'm not sure if this was a manufacturing defect or the fact that the kit had been lying unopened for years and years.
To flatten the turntable I resorted to putting it in a pan of near boiling water and laying a 2kg weight-training weight on top of it, turning the stove on for about 30 seconds, and then adding cold water to the pan and allowing the plastic to cool down before removing the weight.

Instead of using an IHC motor to power the carousel, I resorted to using a much quieter alternative

The horses required painting.

I added some 25mm x 12mm mirrors to hide the central hub.

The blue decoration around the top of the carousel also required painting.


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