IHC MegaDancer #5132 - Construction Log

The seats will eventually be glued onto the arms.
Although the instructions don't specify it, I assumed that the arms were intended to swing freely at the pivot point.

Quality graphics!!
The sign is a prime candidate for LEDing at a later date.

When motorized the model simply rotates around its axis.
Of course, as the speed increases the arms start to extend and the seats move outwards
- however by the time that happens, the speed of rotation is completely unrealistic.
I found a video of the real ride on YouTube and decided that I would try to add some of that ride's charcteristics to the model
(subject to the model's original design and limitations).

I started to experiment with magnets. Firstly, I glued a magnet to the back of each pair of seats.
I then glued additional magnets (with their poles opposing those on the seats) at various places underneath the base plate.

My YouTube video shows the model operating before & after the addition of the magnets.


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