IHC Spider #5125 - Construction Log

On the left is the base that was supplied with the IHC Octopus model.
The base supplied with the Spider kit is identical (but green), which I cut down to form the disc on the right and sprayed with acrylic grey paint.

Inspired by the now defunct "Monster" ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach,
I used a lightweight filler to create a new central hub. The "eyes" are formed from baked modelling clay.

Online videos of real versions of the original Spider ride show that it rotates at about 8rpm.
Based on the gear ratios on the underside of the model, I determined that I would need a motor that would deliver approximately 100rpm at 5volts.
I ended up using a Polulu 250:1 Micro Metal High Power Gearmotor.

For the diorama, I wanted to surround the model with a wall similar to the one that surrounds the Sandstorm at Busch Gargens Tampa.
I couldn't find anything suitable on the market so I decided to make my own.
I glued strips of plastic to a piece of plywood, then coated them with several layers of thin beige coloured grout.
The top layer of grout was sealed with two layers of general purpose PVA adhesive.

The motor drives the central hub one way, whilst turning the 'spindle' in the opposite direction.
To control the model, I created a Circuit Board (just about visible) that contains a programmable Picaxe 08 chip (the code is written in Basic).
The ride sequence consists of a 105 second ride, followed by a series of stops & starts that allows each pair of ride vehicles to be unloaded and reloaded.
The position of the spindle and each pair of ride vehicles is determined by magnets glued onto the large gears and detected by two reed switches.

Ideally, the two large gears should be powered individually so that the spindle can remain in a single position whilst the ride vehicles are loaded and unloaded.
I may attempt to do this at some point in the future.


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