CoasterDynamix Sheikra Rollercoaster - O Scale Kit

This 'O' scale kit is generally only available in Busch Gardens, Tampa.
CoasterDynamix have also produced a very similar kit for Busch Gardens, Williamsburg which has the Griffon colours.

Most of the track is constructed from pre-molded pieces that need to be screwed together.

The next step is to add the rails.

The completed model has a height of 680mm.
The base has a footprint of 1070mm x 615mm (approx),
if you include the track overhang then the measurements are 1125mm x 630mm (approx).

A long spring is used to push the train up the first hill, and around the top bend to the first drop.
The sping is rotated by a 6v motor that is powered by a 4 x AA battery pack.


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