Skyway Diorama

No Amusement Park would be complete without a Skyway / Cable Car ride ...

I'm using Brawa's Kanzelwand Cableway model #6280 - with modifications.

As you can see from the picture above, this kit is intended to be used on a mountain side where the two stations are at substantially different heights,
with the drive unit being located at the top of the mountain.
Unfortunately, I wanted both of my stations to be at ground level. To achieve this I had to buy and modify an extra lower station cable guide section (#6285)
- whilst I was at it I also got an extra centre mast (#6283) and three extra cars (#6279, #6281 & #6282).

I removed the cable guide section from the original drive unit and replaced it with the one from the new lower station.
This was not as straightforward as it might sound - some careful cutting and gluing was involved.

Although it seems that installing the cable guide stations and masts in a straight line should be a simple process, I actually found it quite tricky.

There's a small groove around the edge of the drive wheel that the cable is supposed to lie in. As the cars move around the wheel
the cable is temporarily pulled out of that groove due to the size of the hook mechanism that holds the cars on the cable.
However due to a misalignment on my part, the cable was not correctly returning back into this groove once the cars had passed by.
As a result, even though the drive wheel was still turning, the cable would start slipping because of a lack of friction.

The solution was to use a thin piece of basswood to raise the height of the cable guides by about 1 - 2mm in relation to the drive wheel
- this meant that I had to disassemble the drive station again - fortunately I hadn't used superglue the first time round.

The photo above shows the thin layer of basswood (painted grey) sandwiched between the thick plastic strip
attached to the drive unit and the tabs of the cable guides.

The cable is now perfectly aligned with the groove on both sides of the drive wheel.

Brawa Cableway Station Kit #6290

The distance from station to station is 1 metre. If you were to scale this to full size (i.e. 87 metres), and if you're familiar with the old Skyway at Disney's Magic Kingdom,
this would only get you from the Swiss Chalet station (to the left of It's A Small World) to the entrance of Mickey's Philharmagic.

Completed Diorama

Whilst on my travels around Texas earlier this year, I came across these near one of the Missions outside San Antonio...

...they immediately made me think of Faller Kit #180560, and thought it would be an ideal addition to this diorama...

Vollmer Pizza Restaurant #3681

Vollmer Roundabout #3622

Faller Top-In Dodgem Cars #140435

The Benches and Flower Displays come from Faller Kit #180585, whilst the Fountain is by Kibri #8905.
The 'Test Your Strength' Sideshow model comes from the discontinued Faller kit #190252,
however it has recently been resurrected in Faller's new Fairground Kit #140340.
An optional light can be added. I've connected the light to a circuit that causes it to flash at roughly 10 second intervals.
I did consider incorporating some form of buzzer device when the light flashed, but I realised that that would get irritating very quickly.

Vollmer Weather Station #3830

Faller World's First Biggest Cuckoo Clock Kit #130389.
I've soldered two leads to the terminals inside the 1.5v battery compartment. This is so that the clock can be powered from the same source
(after converting to 1.5vDC) as that used to drive the 16vAC motor and Faller supplied circuit board mounted internally.


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