Vollmer Ghost Train / Geisterbahn #3627 - Construction Log

The model comes with a circuit board (powered by two 1.5v batteries) that allows the Frankenstein Monster to emit a 'ghostly' noise and for its eyes to flash green.
The circuit board is activated by holding together the two metal paddles at the ends of the red wires.
I have cut and soldered the two red wires together and modified the board to take a permanent 3v DC source.

The model can be powered with a 16vAC motor (not supplied) - I used a spare Faller motor.

The four white figures are luminous...

At the moment, the model needs three power sources to fully operate:
3v DC - for the flashing eyes
12v DC - for the light that illuminates the front of the model
16v AC - for the motor

When I put this model on a diorama, I'll create a single circuit board to power all three items from a single power source.


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